Business Audiences For Facebook Advertising

As a business, many of the customers you’ll ever need are on Facebook and Instagram and you can reach them with some effective ads.

However, the problem is, how do you reach just the people who are interested in you and what you’re offering without wasting a ton of money showing ads to those who aren’t interested? That seems like a million dollar question.

By creating the right audiences, you can ensure that at least you’re targeting the right people.

Here are some audience types you can create today that will dramatically improve the performance of your ads.

  • Engaged Facebook Page fans – The people who are active fans of your page are really into your topic and are usually repeat visitors to your page who actually engage with it.  These are often your more interested fans who are a warmer audience that you can target.
  • Video views
    Anyone who watched 50% of your video is obviously more interested in you and your offer than someone who hasn’t watch it at all or jumped off earlier.
  •  Website page views – People who have visited your website have taken an action to get there, so they’re a much warmer audience, especially if they click your ad and come back. This is basic retargeting. You can also segment different ads to folks who have visited specific pages on your site.
  • Add to Cart but didn’t buy – This is perhaps the strongest audience you can create that aren’t already customers. They’ve been through your sales process but just haven’t pulled the trigger on buying yet. Maybe they got distracted of pushed off their decision to buy until later. You definitely want to get them back to your site for another opportunity.
  • Lookalike audience from a specific customer list – Once you have a customer list you can upload it into Facebook and create an audience that has the same characteristics and behaviors as your customer audience. The larger and more specific it is, the better. For example, if you’re selling a golf product and you upload a list of golf product customers, it’s better than uploading a list of customers who have just bought a t-shirt.
Hopefully, it makes sense to help promote your business.